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About the Helpful Gardener

The Helpful Gardener is based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. However our writers are come from around the world, particularly North America. The principal author for most of the articles is Scott Reil.

Scott Reil

Scott Reil is an accredited nurseryman with over fifteen years experience in the ornamental horticulture industry. He has lectured to audiences ranging from fine garden centers to the Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association, and has taught Japanese garden design at the Connecticut Master Gardeners’ Program.

Scott Reil is the principle entity at Scott Reil Garden Design, offering garden design and garden consulting in New England.

Scott, a recurrent guest host on Garden Talk, Connecticut’s #1 gardening radio show, has helped shape gardens in California and Arizona as well as his native New England. Scott currently resides in Connecticut.

Scott has recently filmed a number of segments for ExpertVillage about Home Gardening. Be sure to check out Scott's videos about gardening.