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More Success Growing Roses

Consider the following questions before choosing your roses and you’ll have a fantastic experience growing roses. So you’re shopping for roses? Maybe this is the first rose to be added to the garden or maybe you’re an old...

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History of Roses

THE ROSE: FROM ANCIENT CHINA TO YOUR BACKYARD The ubiquity of roses through time The rose has captured humankind’s imagination for thousands of years, and has taken a place of honor in gardens around the world. Roses were first...

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Basics for Growing Roses Successfully

Learn the preparations for successfully growing roses. There are several easy steps that must be taken before planting your rose bush. This guide will walk you through, step by step, on what to do before planting a rose bush, how to prepare your soil and what to do after the bush is transplanted. Read this for perfect roses every time!

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Perennial Care Basics

How to Care for Perennials How to Keep your Perennials Happy and Your Garden Healthy Basic upkeep and care of your perennials will promote soil health and produce better results. Follow these easy steps and you’ll see...

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