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Learn How to Prune a Bonsai

Bonsai Branch Pruning We have covered root pruning in another article; branch pruning is the other side of this coin. There is an old bonsai saying “As with the bottom, so with the top.” A root pruning really needs a top pruning...

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A Beginners Guide to Bonsai Styles

This article presents comprehensive information about the many bonsai styles. If you are new to bonsai you will be in for a treat. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of bonsai and have be able to make better decisions...

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How to Water a Bonsai

Watering – The most important part of Bonsai Care This is the crux of the art of bonsai. Most trees that die (I prefer the phrase “permanent dormancy”) are lost to dehydration, either from lack of watering or from being...

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Winter Bonsai Care Tips

Dormancy: Your Plants May Need a Vacation Here ‘s how to accommodate those hard working plants While I have covered plant dormancy briefly elsewhere on this site, we continue to get a lot of questions concerning the topic,...

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