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How to Create a Garden in a Shady Area

Working with shade to create beauty where you least thought possible Imagine you’re walking down a country lane. As you gaze ahead of you, you notice the road wanders into an alley of birches. The dappled sunlight beneath them...

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Companion Planting Guide

Guide to Companion Planting How to use shape, color and texture to create a showcase quality garden. Shape Color Texture Companion plants are plants that balance each other on some level. They can be either contrasts or...

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How to Attract Butterflies

Designing a Garden to Attract Butterflies Butterflies linger in sunny places Because they are “cold blooded”, butterflies require warmth to be active. They do this by basking in the sunlight. Rarely do they spend much time in...

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DIY Landscape Design

While designing the landscape around your home can seem a daunting task to the uninitiated, it is simply a matter of taking things one step at a time, taking in to account the various factors that can affect our landscape in the...

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