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8 year old tea roses suddenly dying

I've had tea roses since 1999. I have 5 plants, and they have been healthy all along, until recently. On all 5 the leaves are drying out and curling, and the same has happened to my neighbor's roses, about 200 feet from my plants. I fertilized them like I always do and pruned them in the spring like I always do, but something happened this year. We were thinking maybe our wacky weather this spring had something to do with it. I don't see any spots or insects on any of the plants. Could too much rain do this? And will they ever recover? I see buds, but who knows if they'll even open this year. Can I save my roses?!!!

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Hello Elyse,

The signs you provide are very general. Roses are generally very rusty if they are not attacked by very vicious insects and fungus they should be able to strive back after a while.

There is a kind of white worm that resides in the ground that feeds on roots. It is very easy to tell wether you have this insect or not. The affected plant will show prominent sign of weakness and prolong time for growth.

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