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Any Organization to Donate Seeds to?

I just want to get rid of some seeds, I am seed happy and have bought - well way too much. I need to narrow it down to my favorites and a few others, you would think I had 10 acres to plant, but actually have just a small yard in Florida - really small. Is there any organization that will take seeds if I mail them out to them.
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Check with local schools; they may have gardening programs. Scout troops, too, sometimes work with gardening projects. Churches, community gardens, seniors' centers...

See whether a local food bank has any ideas, too.

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What kind of seeds do you have?
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I'm starting a gardening club at my school when we get back from spring break :-) You can donate to us if you are interested and can't find anything local.

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The website will give you information about donating seed to that organization. They help a lot of worthy groups with seed.
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Hi, My daughters elementry school is in need of seeds!! They are great, they let the students plant a garden and they always cook up what they grow for the kids and donate the rest to the local food bank!! If you are able to help they would be most greatful!!

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margez wrote:The website will give you information about donating seed to that organization. They help a lot of worthy groups with seed.
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Just sent some seeds to Wintersown as well. I just hope the package will get pass thriugh US customs... :roll:

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