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Autumn Blaze Maple Brown and Crispy Tip on Leaves

My autumn blaze maple's leaves are turning brown and crispy on the tips. I live in the Dallas, Texas area and we have had only two days under 100 out of the last 15. I have been watering one to two 20 gallon gator bags a week along with about 1 inch from my sprinkler system. I have black gumbo for soil.

Is this from too much water or not enough?

I would greatly appreciate some advice.



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Same problem

We live in Colorado and are having a similar problem with our autumn blaze maple. The leaves at the end of each branch (top) are turning brown and droopy. I think it is due to overwatering. We haven't been watering our tree excessively but it is planting in an area where it gets a lot of run off drainage (on a slope). I would like any feedback too if this is the cause of the problem - too much water?

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