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Identify flower and help keeping it alive.

Hi I need help identifying a flower outside my house. I don't know what its called since it wasn't planted by me. Its also not been doing very well. The flowers keep blooming, then dying, then growing more, then dying, the cycle just repeats. And now the plan does not seem to be doing well anymore. Attached are pictures of the flower and the current state of the plants.


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Daylily, hemerocallis, flowers last for one day. Plant often looks tired and spend by mid summer. A very tough plant, difficult to kill. The plant likes a lot of water, in fact will grow in a bog. Give it rich, loose soil, and lots of water and it will thrive. Give it poor dry soil, and it will still grow o.k. and give lots of blooms.

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It is a daylily, and you noticed that the daylilies flowers die fast they last usually 16-20 hours so not even a full day.
does not seem to be doing well anymore
Don't worry, daylilies are extremely tolerate of everything: drought, sun, cold. They do best in full to part sun. They multiply on their own and need to be separated every 2-3 years. They can be moved in spring or fall but may look sad for a few weeks afterward.

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