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beautiful plants, but no fruit

This year I planted four plants upside down using a windsock, it has worked beautifully for all the plants they look really good. the only problem is 1 of the plants is producing fruit, and the other three are not. two get direct sunlight and the cherry version of the two is producing. The other lareger tomato plants are not producing or putting out flowers. 1 is in direct sunlight with the cherry tomato plant, the other two are in a medium sunlight area and are very green and healthy, but nothing else. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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Hello Gridget,
Your lack of blossoms seem to be consistent with many other posts and my garden. I have 4 plants caged and they are growing beautifully with a few fruit, less than the past years. I do mulch my whole garden and we have had an exceptionally wet year, things that might effect production. Ironically, I have two volunteer plants that came up in a compost pile that are doing wonderful with lots of fruit. That is the neat thing about gardening - every year we have different challanges. Best of luck. Don

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I have had the same issues. Cherry and plum tomatoes are fine, but the rest were slow to develop and most have had blossom end rot.

I think it is a combination of the weird wet and cool weather we have had this summer. I am so disappointed. I am not going to have anything to can!!

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