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Leaf Roll & Flowers but No Fruit - Help!!

My German Queen and Super Fantastic tomato plants have leaf roll (I think). If leaf roll is what it sounds like, then that is what the plants have. Also, they bloom but still do not have one tomato growing. Finally found some tomato set and sprayed them this past Tues. AM (before it got hot). I live in the mountains east of San Diego and it's been 90F+ for over 6 wks now. My tomatoes are in a raised bed with cucumber plants. I have plenty of bees here.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong. Oh, when we put soil in the raised bed, we used Miracle Gro Gardening soil almost exclusively. I started thinking it might be too rich and stirred in some of the dirt from our yard -- a mix of about 1-to-10. I water daily (fairly lightly) because the soil is so porous.


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I think you answered you own question: fruit will not set over a certain temp. 90F is too hot for fruit to set, sorry!

Maybe try shading the plants or misting them with water to try and cool them?

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I too have many blossoms but no fruit. temps here, 70's at night, 90's to low 100's days. I have planted sweet 100s, big boys, & early girls. Some plants 4'+, some stunted, yellow leaves, & dying. No fruit on any plants. Temps slightly higher than previous successful years. Located in the So Cal high desert.

Any thoughts out there??

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I lived in CA for several years. I think you over fertalized the plants, and there trying to grow the largest they can be before they actually start to goto seed.

Is there not any flowers Blooming?

Also I know your inland but the salt air can have a effect on them as well. I have clay and sandy soil where I am for water run off. What is your water run off like? and also does your soil dry up too quick if you don't have water run off?

Maybe I'm not the best at this but I know inland San Diego is very dry.

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