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Black bugs

Hi all I am a newby to veg growing, I have small black bugs in the flowers of my courgettes and the flowers are dying what should I use to kill them off? they are organic so far so no chems have been used, but I don't want to loose the crop so am willing to use them if I have to. Any Ideas please.

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If they are tiny, maybe flea beetles.

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For myself, I would consider an insecticidal soap solution. Over here, we have a brand called Safer's Soap. I don't know what might be available in your country.

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you probably have aphids. try using Dr. Earth organic spray... as implied its totally organic, so no chemicals involved; it contains things like clove and cinnamon actually smells pretty pleasant too! its best to spray around dusk so that you don't burn the plants with the heat of the sun. It's not selective for particular bugs though so make sure not to spray lady bugs or lady bug babies (they're black alligator looking things with orange spots). hope that helps!

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