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Did I do something wrong to my tomato plants?

First let me say thank you for reading this post. This is the first year of growing any type of vegetables so it is quite the learning experience for me ! I have a huge wooden box container that has 2 tomato & 3 cucumber plants in it. Well, the cucumber plants are doing fine so far and the tomato plants were too but now I'm having problems. A little background: I used soil from our yard that is black and was told that this was farmland....yes after reading, I could've perhaps used potting soil instead. These are pink girl plants and have lots of leaves so I've been pruning them by pinching. The leaves started yellow........does that always mean it's overwatered? Then on some days the leaves started to droop so I watered it by using a jug of water....should it be watered more slowly? Then I used miracle grow on it to help it in case it needed some fertilizer and most of the blooms that were on there now have dried up.......I'm pretty upset. I really want the plant to do well so please let me know what I'm doing that might be contributing to this problem. By the way, the tomatoes that have been on there still seem to be doing ok I guess. There's about a dozen small ones on each plant.

Thanks so much for any help/insight you may provide!

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Sounds a bit like verticillium wilt, but could be over watering or perhaps something else. I notice that pink girl is resistant to verticillium wilt but that doesn't always mean a whole lot, can get the disease and suffer ust means they will not generally die from the disease and will usually still make a crop. Also tomatoes thrive on a lot of water early in their growth when growing rapidly, but later they are much less tolerant of excess water. Maybe get a meter, or perhaps probem a couple inches down to feel the moisture level before watering.

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