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Anna's Russian always wilty looking?


Has anyone ever grown Anna's Russian?

Does she just always look wilty?

I'm growing other varieties and they look fine.

But poor Anna looks like she's going to pass out. Lack of water doesn't seem to be the issue.


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Is there any discoloration in the leaves? I know over watering is a common problem with tomatoes and can cause yellowing in the leaves and root rot. What is your climate like? Not sure if that variety has a different threshold for temperatures and humidity than the others.


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Yep, Anna Russian often looks wilted. Some heirloom varieties carry a wilt gene and they look wilted during hot days regardless of soil water. The wispy foliage carried by many Russian heart tomatoes doesn't help their looks either.

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I also found out the taste of AR can be diluted by too much water.
A few years ago, the first fruits off the plant were marvelous. After a very, very wet June, (about x2 the normal rain fall), the July picked fruits were
very bland tasting.


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