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When to plant Drawf Blue Spruces?

I just bought a house, And I was helping if anyone can help me with this one?I want to plant drawf blue Spruces. But when is the best time of the year to plant them?New to this web site hope somebody has some info. :D


Planting Evergreens

If you live in the midwest - plant from mid September to the first hard frost. Plant in a full sun site and provide space for good air circulation. Evergreens don't like overly rich soil.

Provide water regularly during this time, check soil following a windy period. Mulch with 2" shredded leaf. Keep in mind the mature spread of the spruce and plant accordingly. Space the spruce well away from buildings, windows and space correctly between a group of spruces. Don't let the dwarf part of the name fool you. Those types can get plenty wide.

If you are outside the mid-west give a clue to your area so those posters can provide the specific info you need.

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Actually we have posters from all over the US, Canada and New Zealand! So no matter where you are, location and/or zone is always beneficial. I don't know much about spruce, being originally from Florida, but we have plenty of folks here who live up north where evergreens are a bit more common.

Happy Gardening!

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My father used to own a small scale nursery. He didn't sell spruce but for conifers in general, the best time to buy and plant them is in the fall. Not the spring or summer like most people think.

Incidentally, the young shoots of spruce can be havested and the needles have a flavour (as a seasoning) that is akin to Rosemary.

So anyway this fall should be a good time to plant your trees. Just do it before you get a freeze.

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