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Falling blooms

Our tomato plants have lots of blooms, there are plenty of bees to pollenate, but the blooms are falling off. The weather is great, lower 90's during the day and mid 70's at night. What is the problem?

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oh, that's so frustrating.

Here is a link with other reasons for flower drop besides lack of pollination.

google "tomato" "flowers" "drop" and you'll get lots of other URLs

This link seems to suggest that your day time temp might be a little too high if you don't have the varieties for that weather.

Which varieties are you growing?

I had that drop problem last year, my first season where I live now. This year, I'm spending time had pollinating my flowers, even though I have some bees working the tomatos too. Almost all of my flowers are setting fruit.

I just vibrate the flowers by hand and that seems to do the trick for me.

Please let us know what you figure out.

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