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New to Plants


I'm a not the type of guy who knows a lot about plants, but I'm interested to put some "green" in my apartment. I was wondering if some of you plant experts out there can be give me some advice or recommendations.

I'm not looking to have a lot of plants or an indoor garden, just some small-to-medium sized one for a room. Then after I start to learn more about plants I can understand what I need for other places.

I'm looking for something that doesn't appear feminine, and something that can handle hot temperature during summer. I was told to go with cacti, but I'm not too interested in that.

Looking forward to reading some informative responses.

Thanks in advance!

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I can suggest a couple of easy houseplants:

Bromiliads , Philodendron, Indian Rubber, Pothos, any number of small palm trees if you are aiming for a tropical look. I've always loved crotons :


Of any of these, the philodendron is the easiest, but it tends to be more of a vine. I like it cascading down the sides of my bookcases.


Check this Website


Has the how to's on choosing a plant, container, soil, light, etc. Good solid information. Have saved an ailing plant or two using Will's info. Croton is a good choice for range of color in one plant.

If you are going for a good container plant check Dracaena marginata, grows on a small trunk and has varigated color in the leaves. Croton can grow in the bottom of the container alternated with Burgandy Oxalis. You probably better know Oxalis as the green shamrock plant sold around St. Patrick's Day. The burgandy variety leaves float above the stems and when a breeze blows them they look like burgandy butterflies in flight. They close at night into what looks like one burgandy triangle. Pretty easy care plant that will take a rest in late summer.

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We have a few articles about Indoor/Container Gardening

Scott, The Helpful Gardener, has written a couple articles about gardening in a small space. You can find them here:

Hey Scott, that section is looking thin, got anymore to say about the subject? I think this member touches upon an important topic. What do you say?

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I have always been partial to ferns, spider plants and other leafy plants. I'm sure if you go to a local nursery you will see a plethora of plants that you will like. Orchids are nice, but can be a little finicky.

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