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Raised Bed Tomatos

I'm in Morris County, New Jersey
I have been growing Big boy, Beefsteak, and Super 100 cherries, in raised beds, consisting of 2x10's on edge. It measures 8'x18'.
I planted 60 total plants again this year. (Really packed together)

The last two years, I let nature take its course, as far as staking them. I've been getting good yield, losing some fruit on the ground, that split open, and had insects.

This year, I planted the first week of June.
They shot up so fast, I used cages this time. Not realizing until all the buds turned to fruit, I'll have a much more difficult harvest.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of "oops" gardening! LOL It's a pain, but just make sure you chose another way next time.

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