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yeah, they are great when they are in bloom.....but afterwards.....yuck. how soon can poppies be cut back?

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I take the spent stems as soon as they're done...


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I'm with you. The stems aren't the problem. Although the foilage is very nice, other plants that you plant to come up after the poppies are gone, have to do so through that jungle. Once the oriental poppies are finished with their bloom, you can safely cut them back to the ground. You will get some regrowth (typically just a basal rosette, not full sized leaves) later in the season that will remain tidy until fall.


You can cut poppies back as soon they are done flowering right to the ground they will come up the next year I know they grow all over there are 3 kinds of poppies execelior which is a iceland poppy I forget the other kind I bet they are beatiful

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