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My palm tree seeds do not germinate. Help!

I live in San Diego, CA. I am trying to grow some palm trees from seed, but I am having very little success. I am trying to grow several species that I like: Canary Island Date palm, Edible date palm, Sugar date palm, King palm, Queen Palm, Chilean Wine palm. With all but the Canary Island Date palm, I bought the seeds. For the Canary Island Date Palm, I used seeds from my own tree. The seeds I buy come with the fruit removed. With my seeds, I remove the fruit myself.
Here is what I have been trying:
I soak the seeds overnight in room temp water. I plant in plastic trays having 72 cells each. The cells that are about two inches square and 3.5 inches deep. Each cell has drainage holes in the bottom. I put the trays in full sunlight and water almost every day. I have treid two kinds of soil: Supersoil Cactus Palm mix, and my own mix of 1/3rd peat moss and 2/3 perlite.
My germination rates are as follows:
Canary Island date palm: about 3%
King Palm: 0%
Queen palm: 0%
Sugar Date palm: < 1%
Chilean Wine Palm: 0%
I planted these back in September.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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