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Ornamental grass

Does anybody out there know what to do if ornamental grass gets so tall that it will not stand up straight. I have some Shenandoah grass poolside that is so tall (4 1/2 to 5 feet) that it is no longer upright. Am I doing something wrong, do I cut it back, or is there a mechanical option for straightening and holding it upright?

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Shenandoah grass generally reaches just 2 to 3 feet tall. You may want to consider trimming it back a little.

A few things to consider with Shenandoah grass:

If this type of ornamental grass gets too much shade it will flop over. Shenandoah grass is tolerant of light shade but requires mostly sunlight to grow properly.

Remember to keep fertilizing at a minimum because too much fertilizer will also cause the grass to flop over by midsummer.

Keep the soil lightly moist. Too much moisture or too much drought will cause the grass to flop over.

Removing the old growth in early spring before new growth emerges will also make the grass sturdier and stronger during the summer season.
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