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First time tomato grower in need of some advice!!!

Hi I'm new to this form so I appologise if this topic has already been covered :D

I'm currently gowing 5 tomato plants (Unsure of the type) in my yard, 3 are in a grow bag and two are in a tub. I have noticed that there are ants on the ones in the grow bag, are these harmfull to the plant? If so are there any natural ways of getting rid of them?
Also the leaves along the bottomof the plant are turning yellow, some have died completey and I have removed them, is this normal?! Only one of the plants is currently producing fruit, we are having a mixed up summer in the UK at the moment, I read something on pollination, would it be worth pollinating by hand? :roll:

Sorry for so many questions!!!

greg draiss
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The grow bag may be causing your problem if there is not enough drainage

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Summer here is screwy too. lots of rain, humidity and no bees. I pollinate by hand... just to be safe and now I've got a ton of tomatoes. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure the ants wont do too much

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Becky, we have quite a few ants here in Florida and I have a bunch of tomato plants and have not had any trouble as of yet. I have more trouble with hornworms than anything else.

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