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supermarket seeds

Are supermarket seeds as good as a catelog or a nursery bought seeds?

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Hello celticgirl and welcome. :D

In most instances I would say yes but not as much choice is offered. Most supermarkets will stick to the more popular species and varieties.
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I haven't experienced this myself (not having purchased seeds from a supermarket), but some gardeners report that supermarkets re-package "expired" seeds. Well, seeds don't really "expire," but their germination rates will decline as time marches on.

I would be very leery of "deals" like "10 packets for $1" and such.

I've ordered seed catalogues for next season and I actually ordered seeds from two sources this year. Each source guaranteed 80% or better germination in supportive conditions.

And, yes, the varieties available in supermarkets won't necessarily be the ones best suited to your growing locale.

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