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mint dying?

I am growing mint in a large long container with oregano and chives. I am also new to gardening. The oregano is flourishing, the chives would be fine if my cat would stop eating them, but the mint doesn't seem to be doing so hot.

Some leaves are turning yellow and falling off. It started with the bottom leaves, but now several leaves at the top of the plant are getting yellow around the edges.

Is it due to a lack of water? Too much water? Disease? It doesn't appear to have rust.

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Can you post a picture of the container? It does help to see the problem.
At a guess I would say too much or too little water. Could be either with yellowing leaves. Thyme and chives need considerably less water than mint does but also the roots of the mint will go further down so they could be getting too wet at the bottom of the container. Does it have adequate drainage?
It could also be that the mint prefers more shade than the others and last but not least that the mint has outgrown its space. It can grow very fast!
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Same Problem, I Think...

I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I am having a similar problem with my mint and was wondering if it had outgrown it's container. I was wondering what I should do about this. Does root pruning apply to mint and if so, where can I get info @ it? I see flower boxes and such all the time with mint in them and they seem to thrive, am I missing something? Just recently I dug some out and transplanted it to a bed (just a crack in my patio really, but it looks nice :wink: ) but no change in the container.

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