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BASIL GONE like cut or chewed off or shrivelEd

I panted a whole HERB garden FULL SOUTH exposure in Burnaby Vancouver Canada.
After 2 nights my SPICY Basil 100% gone like shewed off and the one with the dark purple leaves is startgin to shrivel wrinkel .
I watered the garden welll the 1st day I planted the whole garden.
Since then I tried not to water to too much.
I wonder now what am I doing wrong?
My Rose mary Dill and all sorts of Mint are doing GREAT All the basils BAD.
Theris a cypress tree/bush slightly hanging above maybe 1 foot but a PERFECT Shape to prune away. But I changed the earth 100% with new soil and mushroom manure etc
Any advice I also have some Habanero plants ther and they seem not to do as well as the one in the green houses with the lettuces.
Any advice much apreciated...especially about watering if YES when how and how often

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Basil is really finicky. In the past, the only luck I've ever had with Basil is when growing it in a greenhouse. It really likes the heat. It also doesn't like damp soil soil when you water it, soak the soil but, allow the soil to basically dry right out before watering again. And like I say, it really likes heat so find a nice sunny spot for it.
Feed the soil, not the plants.

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Rabbit got some slow growing basil this morning. That basil was struggling to grow under conditions that my peppers were doing average. The peppers are not bushy so I might be low on nitrogen though I turned with compost and fertilize with fish emulsion or earthworm casting tea. I believe they were over watered. The basil in my shallow plastic pots that drain to dryness are booming. The basil in my terracotta pots that I have probably over watered and are located in a partially shady area are better than the first mentioned but not booming. I am having issues with my basil. It is one of my high sun exposure plants. It does well in high heat, even at 100F but can droop fast if the conditions are not ideal. I will work it because I love my basil. I recommend making your basil portable and moving it to different locations to test its happy place.

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