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weeding help needed please

my house is adjacent to a field and in between my 6ft fence and the field's 3 ft fence there is a 2ft strip of land which is choked with weeds including canadian thistle. My front lawn goes right up to the fence and now has quite a lot of thistle in it, can you please advise how best to kill off the weeds at the other side of my fence and how to get rid of the thistles in my lawn?

Thanks in advance

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The Canada thistle is actually very easy to get rid of. Don't let it intimidate you. If you have some nice long rose gloves, go and grab it by the base of the plant and gently pull up. They should come out relatively easily at this time of year. Let them grow more and then they become more difficult but even then you can use a pruner and cut them off at the base so they don't bloom. Bag them and toss them out with your regular garbage.

Once you get those attack plants out of the way, you should be able to work in that area more easily. I don't know what the other weeds are that you have so can't comment further. You might be in a position to simply run a small push mower down that strip then come back with a weed whacker to stop the rest from setting seed. That's really the goal right about now- stop the weeds from going to seed so they don't end up in your yard without spraying chemicals that will drift and kill off your desirable plants.

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