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Transplanting roses

Hey guy's I'm new to the forum. I've been growing or at least trying to grow roses for about 6 years. I've had luck with some and not so much luck with others. I have 17 bushes across the back of my yard elevated with a tie wall about 2 feet. The problem is that since we build on to our garage, we no longer can see many of them from our house. The plants are anywhere from 1 to 6 years old. Is there a safe way or specific time of year that I can transplant them to a different part of my yard. Thanks in advance, Bill

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Transplant them in the fall after they've gone dormant. Dig up a fairly wide and deep root ball. You'll be surprised at the size of the root system on your older roses. Make sure you make the size of the planting holes accordingly and add plenty of rich organic material to the area and work it in well.

They should do just fine. Good luck :)

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