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Too Late for veggie garden???

Good morning everyone have a question for long time gardeners...have had small veggie garden for 3 years but building project took priority this year, however, we are now finished and I would like to start my garden now. Is it too late? would like to have squash, beans, tomatos and corn??? I live in alabama....can anyone give me advise...thanks kellyp

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never tried.
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Hi Kelly I am in North Florida and just yesterday planted a load of zucchini, cukes, corn, watermelon, and green beans so you should not have a problem.

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When to plant

Hello all,
There is never a bad time, just some better than others, to plant. If I have space and seed, with a chance of maturity before frost, in they go.
Due to the wet weather in Southern Illinois, I just planted my second crop of sweetcorn and my first of greenbeans. Go for it, you will have some happy suprises. Be sure to mulch, while we have had a cool wet spring and early summer, you can bet your last gallon of gas we will have some hot dry days and will be looking for rain. Don

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