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Problem with Japanese Acer


I am new to this Forum but I need help with my Red Acer. The tree is three years old and has always produced red feathered leaves in the spring time. This year it produced it's leaves as normal but over the last couple of weeks the leaves have becomes shrivled and dry. :cry:

The tree is planted in the ground and appears healthy and not dry and as far as I can see nothing has changed. I do have a family of small rabbits in the garden this year but I am sure that is not causing my problem.

Please post advice on how I can restore this tree to its former :!: :!: :!:


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Hi lloyd. Welcome to the forum. :D

I notice you are UK. Me too.
All the acers around here are having the same problem and I think it is due to our weather. Have you had the downpours followed by extremely warm and humid weather? They do not seem to like the swing in temperature an awful lot. I had to remove almost half of a small red acer the other day as the branches had died back.
All you can do is make sure it is getting adequate water during the hot spells and remove any obviously dead wood. It may be worth giving it a little dressing of bonemeal (to promote strong root growth) and a mulch of compost too.

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When you water your acer only water the soil around it and try not to water the leaves because when the sun shines on the leaves the water turns into a magnifying glass and scorches the leaves making them brown and crinkly.
You can if you wish remove the damaged leaves and new leaves will come ,to remove the leaf cut just at the back of the leaf LEAVING the PETIOLE on that is the stalk at the back of the leaf,
That is used in bonsai as the second flush of leaves are smaller.

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