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Question about Jalapenos

Hello all, nice forum you have here!

Ive got a ? about my jalapeno plants i was hoping to get some insight on. Ive grown peppers before but didnt have the best of luck (wrong location/soil) but this year things are looking alot better so far. Basically my question is: Should I pick the peppers/flowers off that have already started growing because my plants are so small? The way i was thinking is that if i keep them from producing soo early they will be better off in the long run. (grow bigger before producing)... My garden got overrun with grass that im weeding out as i have time so sorry for the messy pic, its a bit cleaner now lol

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Nice looking plant you have. I like jalapenos best of all the peppers.

Even though your plant is smallish now, it looks pretty healthy. So I wouldn't bother with pinching off blooms: the plant will just produce more, so the extra energy gained from aborting the blooms will just go straight back into producing more blooms. No real gain of energy there, a loss actually in that you have no fruit from the effort.

A lot more energy, though, is tied up into the developing fruit itself. I might pick small peppers on a small plant - in your picture, the one in the center and the one on the left appears almost large enough to use. I wouldn't let them grow to full fruit size on a plant that small. I would let them get just large enough to use.

If the plant looked stressed, it's leaves looking splotchy or yellowed or wilted; then I would denude it of all blooms and fruit. But yours looks pretty healthy. As the season goes on, I think you will have a nice crop from your plant. I'm jealous :D . None of my peppers have produced anything yet.

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Thank you Roger and dark505, I have lots of peppers in different stages. I watch them everyday for stress, evidenc of bugs and general growth/health. Some seem to have too many flowers. This morning I noticed that my pimiento had 3 peppers growing on it but one flower will be falling off without producing fruit. Perhaps such things end up self-regulating. It's likely that my pepper crop is the nearst and dearst to my heart.

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I did not grow peppers this year but from years past the most important thing for me at least was the ph of the soil it makes all the differenc in the taste and heat of the pepper.
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That happened to me a couple years ago. I waited until the fruit got slightly bigger than those in your picture and picked them. Then the pepper plants suddenly started growing and producing a lot of peppers. They tasted delicious at all sizes.

How many jalapeño pepper plants do you have? Some might think I'm crazy but some plants seem to do better with more than one of its kind. Wish I could say that without worrying that people think I'm short a few marbles. LOL. Honestly, some veggies pick up vibes or energies from not being the only one.
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I have about 12 jalapeños, 2 Serrano's, 6 Habanero's (4 wont make it because my rhubarb plant came back right where i planted them unless i get them transplanted asap), 20+ mixed Anaheim's, Sandia's and NM 6-4Ls, 5 tomatoes (mixed), red and white onions and a bell pepper plant (and a partridge in a pear tree....?).... SO i think they all have a few compadre's to grow up together with lol

Thanks for the quick input all, Much appreciated! Once i get all the weeding done ill see if i can snap a few pics of my salsa garden

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Your plant looks great compared to mine!

I have never grown jalapenos before so I decided to try this year. I have to garden in large containers so I am a bit limited. My pepper plant looks good except that some of the leaves are a little yellow and spotty. After a few days, they usually fall off. I have some blooms with some buds on them but nothing keeps growing (they usually fall off as well). The biggest pepper that I have so far is only about an inch long! I think I was watering too much.

Any other suggestions?

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How often are you watering? I have to water at least 2x a day, sometimes 3 depending on how the plants are doing due to the intense heat/sun... no signs of overwatering for me... Im going to be picking up some epson salt here in a few days and see how that helps.

Are you using any fertilizers? I use Fox Farms for mine and they love it!
Are the leaves wrinkled/curled? any signs of bugs?

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My jalapeno is producing, but does have some wilted looking leaves. I applied some magnesium to the ground around my pepper plants and they seem to be responding well.

I think I'm going to take the advice given earlier and pick some peppers off..


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