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Asiatic Lily

Hi everyone,
I bought a pre-potted Asiatic Lily at a greenhouse over 3 weeks ago and have a question about its blooms. I know they are hardy plants and sometimes will not bloom until mid-summer, but I have seen so many others in full bloom around town that I'm starting to wonder about my own. The plant itself is very healthy but hasn't blossomed yet. Just wondered if there is a way I can speed up the process or if perhaps I need to prune it? I'd appreciate any advice and thank you so much!
Julie in Colorado

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Do not prune it or it will not bloom this year. Just be patient.

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do not prune them or i aggree the flowers will not bloom this year asiatic lillys are very hardy the will bloom mid to late summer and it will be worth the wait they are very beautiful hop this helps
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I seems the plant should have flower buds by now. Are you sure that the plant has not already bloomed? Whatever, there is nothing that you can do about it, so as the other posters said, be patient. I would suggest when you set the plant in the ground, select a location that gets morning sun only, as the flowers do not hold up well to hot afternoon sun.

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Like the others said. Either it's done or just be patient. I bought some from a nursery and they took a week longer to bloom. But if it doesn't even have blossoms yet it may not bloom at all this year. Lilies are pretty tough so they'll probably fine, if you need color however just put in some annuals like pansies or marigolds. I don't think there is any need to worry about them if everything else looks okay. It could have just been shock.

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