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White sticky stuff

I have several well-established (5 years or so) hydrangeas. They look healthy and I see new blooms coming, but I've also noticed some white sticky, almost cottony-looking stuff inside some of the buds. I don't see any ants, which I've read would indicate aphids. Anyone know what this is and if it's harmful? If so, would a soapy-water solution help?

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Hello. Was searching on google as I have this same problem with white sticky stuff developing on the twigs of my established hydrangea and came across this post.
Does anyone have a solution to the white sticky stuff.
Have had lovely blooms from my hydrangea in previous years but this year was mainly leaves and a few blooms. But the white sticky stuff that I noticed for the first time this year is starting to attract flies :roll:

Thanks in advance for any help. :D

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Could it be this?

Or perhaps these?

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