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Hydrangea vine brown spots

My hydrangea vine is about 4' tall and has never produced flowers. I planted it next to a trellis this spring after adding compost to the rocky soil. It is in mostly bright shade with some afternoon sun. Since I am in the Northwest, I didn't have to water it much, but it has had brown spots all over it for the past month. Now that the summer has finally arrived, I have had to water it nearly every day for the past week. How much water does it need and is this brown condition a result of fungus? Can this vine be saved? Thanks.

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Sounds fungal, although it's hard to tell from just a description.

It's hard to overwater hydrangea, even climbing hydrangea. Far more likely that it is not enjoying that rocky soil and afternoon sun. Everyday watering tells me that the soil is not retianing water well and you should add yet more compost and humus to the soil and think about moving it somewhere it gets morning sun or afternoon shade...


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