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Another Juniper Problem

Everywhere I look people are saying that if you want to start raising bonsai you should start with a relatively easy one, like a juniper. Looking at these thread I would say they tend to have a lot of problems.

After reading a bit I put mine outside and have found that it is getting worse. It has some brown but only on the inner leaves, the tips are still green and growing. I also have a couple small branches that are stiff. Should I cut those off and how do I do that without causing the tree more stress?

I took off the glued rocks after reading another thread and I found some of the roots exposed what's good to use to top off the potting?


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Sounds like you are doing ok. Those inside leaves are probably just old or shaded out. As for those stiff branches, nice clean cuts with sharp pruners will do nicely...

I always cover with moss unless it is one of my indoor trees (by indoor I mean during the winter; ALL my trees are outdoors now, as they should be...) where I just add a layer of loose soil and weed regularly (The moss can harbor fungus gnats and such and when those hatch in the house the missus is the biggest threat to my trees...)


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