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Help-am new to this and have a question for hibiscus people. We have a 6 foot tall plant that is inside in winter and outside on the deck in the summer. Have never had this problem before, but the yellow finches have found the tree and have been having their meals on our trees leaves. They shred the leaves and then they turn bad and fall off. We have put a plastic mesh over the entire tree, but the birds continue to land on the mesh and poke their bills thru to get to the leaves. Has anyone ever had this problem or have a solution? Location is NE Mich.

Thanks in advance!! Janet

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Look VERY closely at the plant as finches base a lot of the diet this time of year on insects; could be you have an aphid infestation as they are very common on hibiscus. Not sure but the COULD be feeding on leaves, but it would be the first I'd heard of it...

Anyone else?


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