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how to glue a large progect of landscaping rocks

I would like to know if some one know how to glue rocks for the bonsai trees and if this particular way to glue rocks is ok for a large proyect, I need to glue a large pathh way in a hill just for decoration but I do not want to use cement. thank you

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Gluing rocks to a bonsai tree is actually really really bad for the tree and using glue on a hill would be equally bad for the plant and animal life on that hill. It's easy just to dig the rocks down into the hill using a shovel. A maddock would work well as well.

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what about gluing rocks to some posts I haVE Around my garden, can I use glue or does it have to be some kind of stucco? thank you

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If you were successful it would eventually wash away. You are better off to use cement you'll have less problems.

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