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I know its a little early (or late) to talk about these lovely flowers. But I have a bed of peonies that are in the shade and flower very little. We have decided to put on an addition and I am forced to move the peonies now (in April) or they will get trampled on. What or how should I do this or am I going to kill of the bulbs? they are about 6-8" above ground.

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Moving Peonies

I have heard that they are difficult to move. You will probably have better success if they are very young plants. I would try to google "moving peonies" and see what results you get. There is so much available from extension offices and professional gardeners, that with a little bit of work you can usually find the answer to just about anything. :)

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If you move them immediately and take as much soil with them as possible to minimize the root disturbance they should survive but they might not bloom this year. It may take them a couple years to get back to full vigor. Peonies do best in full sun or very light shade.

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