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fertilizing large bed of pachysandra

Hi . I'm new and not quite sure I'm in the best forum for my question, but here goes. My property is literally covered with native pachysandra. Over the winter, a large area died off, apparently due to cold damage, as we had some bitter cold without snow cover. I've raked the dead material out and 'cast' a substantial amount of acidic fertilizer over the area (Holley-tone) hoping it will recover. I'd like to fertilize the whole property where the pachysandra is, but reading the instructions on the fertilizer bag, I don't see how it's possible to follow them due to the density of the ground cover. I'm tempted to 'cast' the fertilizer over the pachysandra, but I don't know it that might hurt or help, or if it'll even be effective. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Re: fertilizing large bed of pachysandra

Just a note, since this is a native plant forum, that pachysandra (the most common type) is considered invasive. It’s non-native unless you have Allegheny pachysandra which is less common but native.

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