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Pineapple Sage Problem

Hello everyone,
New to gardening and I recently just transplanted a Pineapple Sage from Bonnie.
I am not sure what I am doing wrong but can anyone recommend or suggest any tips?
Thank you so much :)

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Re: Pineapple Sage Problem

It looks like mite damage. Sage are very susceptible to spider mites especially when they are grown in pot. Look on the under side of the leaves for bronzing and hold a piece of white paper under the leaf and then tap the leaf over it. If some red dots that look like paprika fall on the paper then it is probably spider mites.

Thrips can also cause stippling damage but damage along the veins are more typical of spider mites.

When plants are small and in pots, I prefer to dip rather than spray them since it gets better coverage. Horticultural oil works better but you still will have to repeat treatment every 10-14 days since it will not kill eggs. You do have to hold the plant in the dip for as long as you can. It is still best to do a test first to see if the plant exhibits phytotoxicity before doing a whole plant dip. Do not dip in hot sun and do it when it is cool. Keeping the plants well watered is important. Water daily especially under the leaves. A strong jet of water knocks off dust and many of the insects. Make sure you treat the area around the plants as well since thrips and mites are generalists.

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