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Spots on my plants??

We planted these a couple weeks ago (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers) and they already have these spots on them and some of the leaves are shriveled. More so on the cucumber plants. Does this look like a fungus issue? Or too much water or sun?? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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Re: Spots on my plants??

Not sure about the top picture, but the other two look like damage from some kind of sucking/piercing insect, like aphids or thrips. Check your plants carefully, including undersides of leaves and the stem near the leaves. The thrips are very tiny and difficult to spot. Try shaking leaves over a piece of white paper. Look for little dots like periods.
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Re: Spots on my plants??

They do look like thrip or mite damage. Look on the underside of the leaves for signs of bronzing or as Rainbow suggests tap the leaf over a piece of white paper and see if any paprika like specks have fallen on it. Other signs of thrips may be puckering or curling leaves and scarred fruit.
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