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LadyBugs? How helpful are they?

i just started my rose gardening for the first time. i have a tree as well as a bush (sexy rexy). i bought some food for the control of bugs and nutrition. how good are ladybugs in my situation? how do i get them to chill on my plant?
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You can buy a bag of ladybugs at the nursery or garden center. Put them in the refrigerator overnight to slow down their metabolism (otherwise they would probably fly away). Open the bag the next day and place them on your roses or on any plant that may have bugs.

I have something eating the buds off my Buddleia right now. :evil: Makes me so mad! It's the deep, dark purple (midnight something...) and so many of the buds are gone!
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In order to attract and keep lady beetles, plant flowers that produce pollen and nectar (dill, angelica). Allowing weeds (dandelion, wild carrot, yarrow) can help too. You could also spray a combination of whey and yeast on plants as a food source.

Do not use systemic pesticides on your roses.

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