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Indoor hydroponics

What would be the best lighting for my indoor hydroponic garden? I was thinking some cheap led grow lights might do the trick, but I am not really experienced in lighting and how much a plant needs but I was reading this article that in an indoor garden, plants need 40watts per square foot. Thankfully I have a 2x2x2 foot space where I want to grow my lettuce and I thought Derlights 40watt ( ... eview?th=1) LEDs would be a great one. I am not so sure if I want to buy these now since they might be a Chinese ripoff and efficiency might be bad. Can someone tell me if these lights are fine to grow leafy greens and herbs ( lettuce, chard, basil ).

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Grow lights should work. I suggest you get a light meter. You will have to position your lights 4-8 inches above your plants. A light meter will tell you how much light the plant is receiving.
Here's a free app light meter with a good review. ... 46635?mt=8
Here is a standard light meter for hydroponics. There are also combination meters. You want to see LUX ranges 500-750
10 lumens = 1 lux. I prefer the single purpose meters because they do come with instructions on how to use and interpret them. ... ght+meters

I have an older model that measures lumens. I use it to determine the shade I need for my orchids. Mine ranges from 5000-8000 lumens under 50% shadecloth, 3000 lumens under double shade cloth. 15000 lumens is out in full sunlight. My sun is a lot more intense in the tropics so my light readings are much higher. I also do not have my shade cloth up very high because of the HOA. My shade cloth only sits a couple of feet above the top of my plants so I don't get as much shading as I would get if it were higher.

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