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Need Help!! Potted Tree losing a lot of GREEN leaves

I live in a rental property that came with 2 large potted trees... one has never really done well but the other was thriving - 5 days ago it was extremely windy and the thriving tree was blown over (turns out the roots had broken free of the pot and grown in under the pavement) - now as the tree has been disconnected from it root it's dropping a lot of green leaves ... I'm worried it will eventually die - is there anyway to save it?
The tree in question
The tree in question

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Re: Need Help!! Potted Tree losing a lot of GREEN leaves

Reanna, It might help anyone to know where you are and what kind of tree it is. Tree on the right of your potted tree looks quite tropical. There isn't enough definition of the leaves on your tree to tell what it is. Red brick makes the tropics less likely, but metal roof makes it more so.

Okay, without that info, your tree will likely survive. If the roots it lost were enough to tear up the sod, or the brick, they probably would have burst the pot, too. Assuming it's back in the original pot in the original place, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Roots often penetrate potted plants from below, seeking out the better water and nutrient conditions. But roots from potted plants also will grow out the drainage holes to spread deeper into the soil below. So without an examination, we don't know what the roots were from. Probably both ways.

With the leaf drop, that indicates you did lose some root mass. It doesn't have to be a death sentence. Your tree is pruning itself of leaves it can't support on the remaining roots. You can help it by pruning the upper branches of the tree yourself.

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Re: Need Help!! Potted Tree losing a lot of GREEN leaves

You say rental property? Hmmmm, let the owner worry about it. You can stand up the pot and give it a drink of water. That is about it.
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