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Calamondin tree growing only one side

Hi all,

My dad and I live in NJ and started growing a calamondin/calamansi tree around a year ago. A few months ago, it started flowering and producing little tiny oranges, but they would always fall off. Soon enough, the leaves started falling off as well. My dad transplanted the tree into a new pot with peat moss and sand (previously it was just in normal potting soil) and pruned the plant back to give it a fresh start. We also made sure to give the tree adequate water and moved it outdoors in a shaded area once the weather improved. The tree has bounced back significantly from what looked to be near death, however, growth has only been on one side of the tree. There is a small branch growing on the other side, but the leaves are wilting quick and it seems to be growing from a dead shoot, so I'm not sure if it will really amount to anything. Any reasons why the main growth is only on one side?

I'm new to Helpful Gardener so please let me know if I need to give more information.

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Re: Calamondin tree growing only one side

It does seem to have dominance on that side, but you do have a shoot coming from the trunk. Turn the pot around. You said it was in a shady spot, give it more sun. My trees do the same thing only my tree leans away from the wall and grows mostly on one side.
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