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Why are my plants dying?

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and new to gardening!

My wife and I recently purchased our home about four months ago. Once the weather started getting better (we're in Chicago), I went to Home Depot to get some trees and shrubs for our new place. That was prob 3 months ago? I try to water them twice a week but over the past month it seems like they are getting progressively worse. About two months ago I tried the fertilizers where you punch into the soil. Over the past months I've tried watering more (~3 times a week) and also bought fish meal to supplement (~1 weeks ago), but the plants don't seem to be improving and in fact seem to be declining. I'm wondering if someone more experienced can help with my questions/hypotheses:

1) How do I check whether issue could be soil quality? Most of the soil is from the developer.
2) The guy at Home Depot says they're spaced far enough apart -- does the spacing look correct?
3) What's the optimal watering interval? Is there an easy way to check whether the plants are getting enough water?
4) I think the plants are getting enough sun light (unit faces southwest). Does it look like it?
5) Any idea on whether one of the trees seem to be doing better than the other (in both locations)?
6) Is the space large enough for these trees?

I'm out of further ideas so any help or tips are welcome. Thanks so much!


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Re: Why are my plants dying?

The little ones seem to be doing alright. Are they Yews? I see new leaves growing which means they have established. I think you can just trim off the browned tips which are probably result of transplant shock. Remember though that yesberries -- bright red attractive, and tempting -- are poisonous. In case you have young children or pets.

The tall ones -- what is that planting area like? Is it as shallow as it looks? Maybe there is only barely enough room for the one shrub. The second one is definitely not doing well but the other one looks to be OK unless there are issues not visible.

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