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Base plate or not?

Hi guys I've just bought 2 blackwall 330 litre composters and have just noticed that base plates are also sold for them so the big question is do I need one or not? I'm totally new to gardening so all and any help will be appreciated so thanks in advance. Side thought, do I put it on a hard surface or am I best keeping it on grass?

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Don't know where you are, or where you would put your composter. Some people prefer a base. Not me. Sure, my compost will enrich the surrounding soil and the substrate, but I like the cooperative effort of flora and fauna with the environment to break everything down. Not so great if you want to control all aspects of it, like temperature and green to brown ratio and aeration.

Generally, pick an area for the composters that is convenient to you and your contributions to the pile, but not too close to your house or someone else's. If you have a paved surface available use it with the caution that composting there may damage and stain that area. But it would also kill any grass and some tree and shrub roots under it.

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You mean something like this:


No base plate! Set it on the ground where earthworms and other detritovores can come up into it. They are the backbone of the composting process. Earthworms will multiply in the compost pile and then get moved into your garden beds with the finished compost, where they will help complete the breakdown of the compost into nutrients in a form the plants can take up.

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