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planting chestnut trees from seed

Hello I'm new to the forum just have a couple of ?s last fall I planted about 50-75 chestnut seeds straight in the ground it was a worked up piece of ground I'm using it for wildlife but I planted these chestnut seeds and have not seen any coming up this year yet is it normal for trees to take maybe 1-2 years before coming out

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Re: planting chestnut trees from seed

some tree seeds will stay dormant for a year +, but in my experience, with chestnuts the more common issue is that they are sniffed out and eaten by squirrels. We had a nursery bed of chestnut seed covered with a grate this spring, thought all would be well...they germinated, we thought the danger was past and removed the grate, and within a week they were all gone. That was several hundred in one big bed. If you've got squirrels or other rodents, that's where my money is in this situation.

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