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Help me save these succulents!!!!

Hell everyone. My sister recently moved and I inherited some succulent plants that she didn't want to take with her... Unfortunately, she didn't take the best care of them so I want to bring them back to life. I have some experience with succulents, but I need someone's help in identifying these so I can learn exactly what the plants' needs are and bring them back to full force!!!

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Help me save these succulents!!!!

Hey Alan,
I'm not sure what kind of succulents those are, but I'm wondering if there are drainage holes in the pots?
Succulents like sandy, well drained soil.
Water them when the leaves are squishy and soft. Don't water them when the leaves are stiff.
Place in a spot with lots of light.

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Re: Help me save these succulents!!!!

The first looks like a string of buttons (Crassula perforata)

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