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How long can you wait before rolling new sod?

I had the sod delivered last Friday and my landscaper installed it over the weekend. Today is Monday and he still has not rolled it and isn't committed to coming today. How long can you wait before rolling it to make sure the roots have good contact with the soil? I really don't want my brand new sod ruined!

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Re: How long can you wait before rolling new sod?

If your landscaper prepped and leveled the soil beforehand, it does not need to be rolled. You should be watering at least 2-4 times a day that will keep the sod from drying out and help establish the roots. You should feed the new grass monthly and I suggest you look up the type of grass or google new lawn + your state + edu to find a publication on how to take care of your new lawn. If you pay a landscaper to put the lawn in, that is what they do, it becomes your job to take care of it afterwards. Most landscapers will give you care instructions, but I do understand why they don't volunteer it if they are not asked. ... wnCare.pdf
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