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Native Plant and Tree Species of Western Travis County Texas

I am looking for native plant species to Western Travis County specifically the Spicewood area. I'm interested in making my property an oasis for native species. Do you have any ideas to attract birds and butterflies with native plants in this part of Texas? I would really like to keep my garden this way to preserve the natural beauty of the hill country. Right now, the property sits with pretty much level ground on a slight incline and there are lots of little twisty short oak trees with your occasional cedar bush (which I don't really like), wildflowers that are red, bluebonnets and small cactuses. If there is another native bush better suited for making visual barriers I'd love to hear some suggestions. I like wildflowers and I think they look really pretty but would like something interesting (not necessarily a flower) but native as showpieces lining the facade of my house in my front yard. Thank you for your help in advance!!

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