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Please help with sick succulent -- yellowing basal leaves


Anyone know what could be making this plant yellow?

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Re: Help with sick plant

I don't grow succulents myself, so can't answer your question.

But I know that isn't a pepper plant! :) You posted this in Vegetable Gardening > Pepper Forum

We have a Forum (section) for Cacti and Succulents here : viewforum.php?f=38

If you post your question there, it is more likely to be seen by people who do grow succulents and might be able to answer your question. Put a more specific title on it also (your "sick plant" title gave no clue that you weren't talking about a pepper plant). Perhaps "succulent (or hen and chicks) with yellowing leaves"

Welcome to HelpfulGardener anyway! I hope we will be able to help you!

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Re: Help with sick plant

Very good points rainbowgardener! I didn't notice when I saw this thread yesterday -- I was in a rush ...we went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean... I hoped one of our succulent experts will answer.

I just moved the thread from the Pepper forum to the Succulent forum. Any of the moderators can move a thread for you if you -- just let us know by PM. I'll modify the thread title a bit while I'm here. :wink:

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Re: Please help with sick succulent -- yellowing basal leave

This looks like normal senescence of older foliage.

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